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The Real Estate Investors Handbook To Freedom!

Using The Fast Track Framework

Are you sick of running on the hamster wheel of life? Investing in real estate doesn't have to be hard!

Inside this book, you'll find Mat's best strategies on buying real estate with partners. Investing in single family homes has made Mat a millionaire by the age of 28!

Are you ready to start building a great real estate business that runs on auto-pilot? What are you waiting for?

What Other Investors Are Saying About This Book ...

“Finally, a real estate investing book that delivers the true “how to” without the B.S!”

Joey Ragona - Real Estate Investment and JV Specialist

“This book is a must have for anyone looking to invest in real estate. It will help you achieve your dreams MUCH faster than trying to do it all on your own!”

Corry Van Iersel - Owner - The Vancor Group

“The real estate game does not get any easier than Mat’s well laid out “hold your hand” plan to get you into owning investment properties. Don’t stress yourself out trying to learn this by attending endless seminars or reading book after book.”

Brad Callander - Blue Roof Investments

Your Instructor

Mat Piche
Mat Piche

Mat Piche AKA The Fruitful Investor, is a real estate investor from Canada. Before he got into real estate he was a carpenter with his own business renovating properties strictly for real estate investors. As he continued to meet more investors, they all had the same complaint. They said, "Mat, I wish I had a realtor like you who understands renovations and finding cash flowing properties. All of my realtors are just like every other "Joe Realtor." They know nothing!"

With Mat wanting to get out the back breaking labor of construction, he put two in two together and made the switch to becoming a real estate agent that still specializes solely with real estate investors. By the age of 28 years old, Mat was already a millionaire from real estate investing. He built his business from the 2 properties that he bought on his own at the age of 22 to over 30 properties by the age of 30 - ALL from joint venture partners!

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  The Real Estate Investors Handbook To Freedom
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